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Back Bay Boston, Massachusetts. Where You Would Live If Money Were No Object.



What Is the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax?

The Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax is a federal tax on gifts given to a "skip-person" who is a generation removed from the gift giver.


How Fast Is A Fast Closing When Buying A Home In Massachusetts

If you are buying or selling a home and you need a fast closing, how fast can it realistically be done in Massachusetts?


What Happens When A Home Seller Dies Before Closing?

If you are buying a home and the home seller dies before the closing, you can still purchase the home. However, the terms and timing of the purchase may change  depending on how the seller held title to the property.


I Just Closed On My Home, Why Do I Need An Insurance Inspection?

Your phone rings and your insurance company is calling to setup an insurance inspection of your home. Why do you need this?


Homeowners Insurance – The Often Overlooked “Coverage B – Other Structures”

In your standard home owners insurance policy, carriers will likely give you 10% of the replacement cost of your home as the limit for Coverage B – Other Structures.


Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts: Non 1%-ers  Get the F$^k Out!

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts: an elite, affluent, suburban oasis comprised of parts of Newton, Brookline, and Boston (slivers of Brighton/West Roxbury).  This village is only 6 miles from Boston, has average property values of $925,000, and is...


3 EASY Ways to Keep Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium Low

Here are 3 ways to keep your homeowner’s insurance premium affordable, without sacrificing coverage.


Allston, Massachusetts: Raucous College Kids, Bad Schools,  High Crime, and Bed Bugs, Yipee!

3x as many cars as parking spots, poor schools, transient residents who don’t care about neighborhood cleanliness, and an above ground B line train that stops every 30 seconds to cram in more trustafarian college kids  are all reasons why perhaps...


Do I Need Condo Insurance to Rent My Condo In Massachusetts?

It is not necessary to have condo insurance if you plan on renting out your condo. Just as if you were going to live in the property yourself, most lenders do not care if you have a policy covering the personal property in your unit if your Master...

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