Beacon Hill, Boston: Truly Set High Above the Rest (In Class!)



Beacon Hill, Boston:  This national historic landmark district is POSH: old money and new money blended together make it a destination for every tourist looking to see the things most Boston and also the most sought-after place to live/play.  This very walkable neighborhood( walkable score of 97-public transit score 100) of Boston has a population of 10,000,  a median home value of $762,000, average one bedroom rent of $2480, and contains easy access to the Public Gardens and Boston Common. It is more densely populated than 98.5% of America’s neighborhoods with 68.5% of the real estate here is classified as apartment complexes or high-rise apartments, which is more than is found in 95.4% of American neighborhoods. It is known for its red brick rowhouses, brass door knockers, wrought iron fences, very well cared for tree lined roads, old school cobblestone lined streets, proximity to the Massachusetts State House, and well to do residents known as Brahmins, e.g. new world Yankee royalty not likely to venture into Boston’s less swanky areas. Being such a desirable enclave Beacon Hill attracts doctors/hospital workers from Massachusetts General Hospital, Hedge Fund whiz’s who make it rain in the Financial District,  the next Zuckerberg’s teching it up in Cambridge, and well heeled college students attending Suffolk University (47% of residents have a graduate degree-how bout those apples!). While you still should probably lock your front door in Beacon Hill its crime rate is significantly lower than Boston as a whole with 283 violent crimes per 100K residents compared to Boston as a while with 707 violent crimes per 100K.  Similarly, there are 860 property crimes per 100K residents compared to Boston as a whole with 2150 violent crimes per 100K.

While mostly residential Beacon Hill’s gaslight lit streets do have two commercial areas: Charles and Cambridge Streets.SMG-about-4.jpg

 For dining I recommend Beacon Hill Bistro and Hotel, which serves American and French gourmet masterpieces,  Number 9 Park with views of the Boston Common combined with French/Italian Haute Cuisine,  The Tip Tap Room where you can dine on wild boar( take that Pumba!), and Toscano, which despite not being in the North End has the best authentic Italian cuisine in Boston.  Charles Street has boutique shops, antique collections,  independent specialty stores, and tourist appealing shlock stops ( everyone needs a Boston mug!) Black Ink on Beacon Hill sells home furnishings and other household staples, given its price tags think an up scale Homegoods. “Wish” is where fashionable women with disposable income will wish (ha!) they stopped in Beacon Hill to find popular designers like Trina Turk, Theory, Joie, and Nicole Miller, Velvet, AG and Hudson. If you want to attire you child in clothing so refined and luxurious no other parents would be able to live up to then I recommend popping in Red Wagon. They have a massive toy section to bribe the wee ones with while making your progeny look like young Hugh Grants/Kate Winslets. The Flat of the Hill is a gem of a gift shop every tourist and non tourist needs to visit.  Think classy black and white photos of famous Boston locations,  picnic baskets,  silver trays, soaps, candles, and other Knick knacks! (Classier than the below gift shop).BostonLogos.jpg

The bottom line is that along with the Back Bay, Beacon Hill is the section of Boston where the Black Card holders live and spend their $$$.



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